Raul's Bio

Raul started his musical career at 14, playing and by co-managing Tripwire with his brother Carlos.  After the band's demise in 1990, Raul joined Stained Glass, a cover band that heavily favored Led Zeppelin, Cream and Heart. Raul’s thunderous yet sharp, masterfully syncopated drumming with Stained Glass made him a much sought after drummer and in 1993 Raul was recruited by Led Pekker, a hard rock and blues power trio that covered Cream, Edgar Winter, and ZZ Top. Later renamed Buzzard, Raul played with the band until 2006 while also sidelining with The Shots, a blues-rock cover band.

In 2007, brothers Raul and Carlos finally reunited their musical talents to form the Ramblin Dawgs.